Drop-in Pool Mosaics

Drop-in Pool Mosaics are a  fun, affordable way to decorate your above ground, vinyl liner, fiberglass, or concrete pool. Installation is easy, just drop in your pool mat, let it sink, and leave it. Available in two sizes, 29″ diameter and 59″ diameter. It’s the easy way to get a tile mosaic look without having to resurface the pool. Custom orders are easy too.

Drop-in Pool Mosaics are made by POOLSAICTM

POOLSAICTM pool emblems feature bright realistic mosaic images that last for several seasons in the pool. Simply drop large pool art into the pool and let it sink to the bottom.
POOLSAICTMmosaics are removable and don’t require adhesive. 1/8” thick vinyl (the same material used in vinyl pool liners) is held in place by the weight of the material and simple gravity.
POOLSAICTM brand medallions add style and design to the pool while providing a cost effective decoration. Use POOLSAICTM  drop-in mosaics at pool parties, corporate events, and all year long in indoor or outdoor swimming pools. Decorative pool art can be used to cover unsightly pool stains and rust spots rather than pay for expensive paint jobs or cosmetic repairs.
POOLSAICTM mosaics are an affordable accessory for all types of pools including concrete, vinyl, above ground, inground, gunite and fiberglass. Non-adhesive pool emblems are compatible with automatic pool cleaners and resistant to pool chemicals and strong UV rays.