Shadowed Turtles

The Shadowed Turtle Mosaic Category features turtles of every shape and size.  If you are a turtle person and looking for the perfect turtle for that Tile Art Project, look no further.

Your neighbors will say:  That turtle looks like it is swimming on the bottom of your pool!  That is so COOL!”

Shadowed Turtles add depth to the design. They are actually another tile shape that shadows the original image.  This shadowing brings the image off the bottom of the pool and makes it come alive.  These mosaics will also add interest to tile projects for your home or patio.  Each is composed of small colored tiles of different shapes and sizes arranged to form a life-like turtle.

Mosaic Tile has one of the largest selections of Mosaic Turtles and Shadowed Mosaic Turtles on the internet.  Please review all our selection and call us with any questions.

Cool turtle!  I love it!