Shadowed Mosaics

The Shadowed Mosaics Category features a variety of Mosaic Images.  View Shadowed Manatees, Shadowed Beachballs and more.

Shadowed Mosaics add depth to the design.  They are actually another tile shape that shadows the original image. This shadowing brings the image off the bottom of the pool and makes it come alive.

These mosaics can also add life to tile projects for your home or patio. They are composed of small colored tiles of different shapes and sizes arranged to form the shadowed image.

Mosaic Tile carries one of the largest selections of Shadowed Mosaics, including Shadowed Turtles and Shadowed Sport Fish  such as Sailfish, Marlin and Mahi Mahi.

Make you tile mosaic project come alive with a Shadowed Mosaic Tile.